The Complete Flyfisher

For Intermediate and Advanced anglers

Two extremely full days of intense learning. The mornings are spent using various multi-media tools including stunning underwater video of the aquatic environment, insects - both real and imitations, and trout behavior. Lots of time on the water learning and refining techniques. You will leave this class with the skills and confidence to flyfish any trout water on earth..

Day One Day Two
  • Water Chemistry
  • Hydrology
  • Trout Biology
  • Entomology I
  • Fly Selection I
  • Bulletproof Knots
  • On The River
  • Reading Rivers
  • Hands-on Presentation Techniques:
    • Hauls, Mends & Drifts
    • Up, Down & Across Stream Presentations
    • Dry Flies, Emergers, Nymphs & Streamers
  • Reading Lakes
  • Entomology II
  • Fly Selection II
  • Reading Rise Forms
  • Tactics & Strategies
  • Finding Fish & Getting 'Em
  • Gear Selection
  • Playing, Landing & Releasing
  • Continuation of yesterday's hands-on techniques

The Complete Flyfisher 2017 open dates

May 26-27, Fri-Sat Truckee

June 2-3, Fri-Sat Truckee

Cost $649. per student
Includes All equipment and lunches

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CALL us to book: (530) 470-0284. Maximum class size is 10 students.
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