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Introduction to Flyfishing

A semi-private lesson for beginners

Quite honestly we could make more money teaching a large group; however we feel an introductory flyfishing course must be taught one on one. There is no pressure from a large group to proceed faster (or go slower) than suits your ability. This is NOT a typical "casting class" taught on a fly shop parking lot - you will need a fishing license for this one!

During this two day class you will be taught the fundamentals of casting, knot tying, fly and equipment selection, reading the water, safety, and of course catching (and releasing) fish. You will even tie your own fly and go fishing with it. Every student is individually taught by Lisa and most of your time is spent on the water. At the end of the class you should be able to confidently approach a trout stream, read the water, tie on the right fly and make a decent cast. With any luck you might even catch some fish! The class is LIMITED to four students.

Introduction to Flyfishing 2017 class dates:

April 8-9 Sat-Sun

April 13-14 Thu-Fri

April 17-18 Mon-Tue

April 23-24 Sun-Mon

April 26-27 Wed-Thu

Cost $649. per student
Includes Text, all equipment, and lunches

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