California School of Flyfishing Earth Tax

We donate 5% of our pre-tax revenue toward preserving and protecting the planet

All of our printed and packaging materials are from recycled post consumer waste. We give every student a steel "clean canteen" rather than use disposable plastic water bottles . . . hopefully our bottles will be used for many years. Our vehicles are fueled by BIODIESEL that we brew ourselves from used cooking oil destined for low grade animal feed or the landfill. Our home and office energy needs are supplied by solar panels and our water is wamed by the sun. Hopefully we can make a difference and lead by example.


The New Zealand Mud Snail

Destroying a stream near you

The mudsnail has a tremendous propensity to rapidly populate its environment, and upwards of 700,000 mudsnails per square meter have been found in some waters. The mudsnail does not appear to be self-limiting from density dependent effects. Their sheer numbers dominate the base of the food web and they can consume over 80% of a river’s productivity. Their presence exerts a negative impact on mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies and some midges. Read More

Stop Pebble Mine

The world's largest dam vs the world's largest salmon run

The Pebble Partnership wants to create one of the planet'slargest open-pit gold and copper mega mines in the headwaters of Bristol Bay. They propose to build the world's largest earthen dam to separate 2.5 billion gallons of toxic waste from spilling into the heart of Alaska's salmon and rainbow trout fishery. Read More

Stop Pebble Mine