Fly Patterns

Bivisible Dun


DESIGNED BY: Ralph Cutter
HOOK: 9300
TAIL: Zelon- ginger
BODY: Olive, rust, or appropriate colored Fine ´┐ŻN Dry dubbing
POST: White and black calf body hair
PARACHUTE: Dun hackle

The Bivisible Dun is one of those flies that incorporates the best of several patterns. I took the post and parachute idea from the Compara dun, the Zelon shuck from the Sparkle dun, and added a two toned post ala the old bivisible caddis pattern. The result is a fly that I believe is better than the sum of its parts.

The parachute style mayfly imitation is a proven fish getter; however, it is notoriously difficult to see because it rides so low. The addition of a Zelon trailing shuck adds to its fish attracting abilities but it sinks the pattern even lower in the water. The bivisible post makes life a bit easier on the angler.The white post stands out in the deep shadows or when the light in low, and the black post stands out from the glare. It is an easy to see in all situations.

I use bivisibles in size 10 to mimick the green drakes and tie them all the way down to size 24 when tiny caenis are on the water. On a recent trip to the Henrys Fork, this pattern outfished all others during a late October Baetis hatch. Its success was due to the anglers ability to identify his fly while it drifted amid hundreds of others. The trout ate it up!


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