Fly Patterns

Braided Butt Damsel


DESIGNED BY: Gary Borger
HOOK: 900 BL
TAIL: Braided butt colored with felt pen
ABDOMEN: Braided butt colored with felt pen
THORAX: Poly yarn
WING: Grizzly hackle
This is the only commercially available adult damsel pattern that looks like the real thing from a trout's perspective. Every other damsel imitation is so bulky they only trick pretty dumb fish.

Damselfly nymphs crawl into lakeside vegetation and "hatch" into the adult form. The newly emerged adults, called tenerals, a light green color and are lacking in strength. Even a slight breeze will send these tenerals into the waiting jaws of knowing trout.

The adult, fully hardened damsels once again are available to trout when they oviposit. Small trout will often blast out of the lake to take coupled damsels hovering above the water, but the larger fish are waiting for much easier pickings below the surface.

Many ovipositing damsels crawl underwater down a sedge or reed to lay their eggs. During heavy ovipositing trout will slither into thick vegetation in search of damsels in distress. Oblige them with your sunken adult braided butt damsel!


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