Fly Patterns

Griffith Gnat


HOOK: 100
BODY: Peacock herl
RIB: Gold wire
HACKLE: Grizzly saddle hackle
Without a doubt the Griffith Gnat must rank among the easiest dry fly to tie. Simply wrap peacock herl over the hook then palmer a hackle over the top of it. Don�t let its simplicity fool you. The fly rides atop the hackle tips and when viewed from underneath gives a blurred outline of something that looks vaguely alive. The Griffith Gnat is often called the Clumper fly because it does an excellent job of imitating the clusters of male Midge Emerger that will buzz around and cling to the female as she layes her eggs. The Griffith Gnat is a standby general searching pattern that is deadly in western beaver ponds and along the quiter edges of small creeks and brooks.



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