Fly Patterns

Martis Midge


DESIGNED BY:Ralph Cutter
HOOK: 100 #14
TAIL: Flashabou pearl
ABDOMEN: Bright orange Antron
WING: Elk hair, orange
HACKLE: Furnace
The Martis Midge imitates the emerging blood midge which is so prevalent on alkaline Western waters. Unlike most midges this guy is a mouthful and trout eagerly rise to the emergers. The midge pupae is contained within a gas filled, transparent tube-like membrane. As this membrane is slipped from the emerging adult, it hangs in the water and sparkles like a transparent drinking straw wrapper with a few small bubbles trapped within. When viewed from underwater this shuck shimmers with the back lighting of the relatively bright sky. Most midge emerger patterns incorporate ostrich, marabou, or some other dull opaque material that looks absolutely unlike the real thing. The Flashabou strands in the Martis Midge add just the right amount of twinkle to make this pattern readily accepted by wary trout. Note that the post extends beyond the eye of the hook at a forty five degree angle. Midges kind of squirt out of their shuck out over the water rather than drag themselves upright from their aquatic selves like a mayfly. It seems like a little thing, but trout do seem to notice the difference. When your fly gets mangled, remember to pull the post foreword. Fish this like any other emerger: dress the leader, post and hackle with fly floatant and let drift in the film.


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