Fly Patterns

Perfect Ant


DESIGNED BY:Ralph Cutter
HOOK: 9300
THREAD: Black or red
ABDOMEN: Antron, black or red
WING/LEGS: Brown hackle
SHELL: Deer hair, black or red
THORAX: Antron, black or red
An ant in your hand does not look like an ant in the water. Ants are covered with minute bristles that capture glistening air bubbles. Most ant imitations look fake when viewed from underwater because they lack the tell tale sheen of the real thing. The Perfect Ant (don't take the name too seriously . . . the day anything in flyfishing is perfect is the day I take up lawn darts) has a fat Antron abdomen. Antron is a tri-lobal fabric that has the ability to trap numerous bubbles of air, which, of course, is what the natural ant does. The shell is deer hair. Deer hair is naturally buoyant so it helps to hold the fly in the film. The parachute hackle not only balances the fly but does a great job imitating the impression the legs (and wing if it's there) make on the water around the bug. Try using this fly in size ten or twelve. Our carpenter ants are huge and the Perfect Ant does a good job imitating our beetles. As a note: most ants quickly drown and are eaten as they bounce along the river bed. Try nymphing with an ant and split shot, you'll be amazed!




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