Fly Patterns

Beadhead Prince


DESIGNED BY: Artist formerly known as Prince
HOOK: 9300
HEAD: Brass bead
TAIL: Biot- black
BODY: Peacock herl
RIB: Tinsel - gold
WING: Biot - white
HACKLE: Furnace hackle
The Bead Head Prince Nymph is an amazing fly. Year after year it is the number one selling pattern in the country. The snow white goose biots set against the dark irridescence of peacock keeps the nymph brightly visible to trout as it drifts in and out of shadows. The heavy brass bead not only sinks the fly like a rock but gives it a three dimensional flash.

Why does this fly kick butt when so many other more realistic flies fail? There are as many theories as there are people who fish it. All agree; however, it is an indespensible pattern that makes its home in every guide's flybox across the nation.



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