Fly Patterns

Birds Nest

HOOK: 3761
THREAD: Match body
TAIL: Wood duck
RIB: Gold wire
ABDOMEN: Brown, gray or green Australian opossum
LEGS: Wood duck
THORAX: Same as abdomen

The birds nest was designed by Cal Bird for catching Truckee River trout. It is my favorite nymph on all western trout rivers and streams. Fish it dead drift in the film or along the bottom with a split shot to mimic a nymph. It can be fished on the swing to imitate an ascending caddis pupae or stripped along the edges of weed beds to simulate a swimming nymph or baitfish. It is deadly when treated with dry fly dessicant powder to make it repel water and hold air bubbles. These bubbles look very much like a subsurface ovipositing caddis.

The same birds nest as the photo in the upper left after being rubbed with Shimizake "shake". Compare this with the air-encrusted egg laying caddis on the right.




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