Fly Patterns



HOOK: 200R 12-18
BODY: Spiky fur over wrapped with copper wire
HEAD: Spiky fur -or- peacock herl
This is an old pattern with a variety of styles. The important part of the brassie is the copper wire wrapped around the hook. I tie very spiky fur such as seal or squirrel guard hair under the wire so that the spikes poke between the wraps and give the fly a bit more life. The head is simply included to make the fly tier believe he tied a fly rather simply wrapped a hook in wire. The fish don't seem to mind if the brassie has a head or not.

The fly sinks quickly to fishable depths and once there reflects light in a soft reddish glow that is strikingly similar to that of a blood midge pupae.

I usually fish the brassie in a chain; three or four flies tied about two feet apart on a very long 5X tippet. Cast out and let the flies descend to the desired depth then slowly draw them toward the surface. If you're in a boat or float tube, cast into the wind then stack a bunch of slack line. As the breeze pushes your craft, the line will smoothly tighten and swing the flies upward.




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