Fly Patterns

Deep Sparkle Caddis Pupa


DESIGNED BY: Gary LaFontaine
HOOK: 900 BL
OVER BODY: Green, rust of gray Antron
UNDER BODY: Brown Antron
COLLAR: Hen hackle
HEAD: Brown dubbing
TAIL: Green, rust of gray Antron
The deep sparkle caddis pupae imitates the caddisfly pupa as it has just emerged from its puparium and is drifting along the river bed. This can be a very effective searching pattern any time of the spring and sumer. The bright green seems to outfish the other colors by a wide margin. Gary wraps lead wire over his hook prior to tying the fly, I prefer to fish it unweighted with a split shot a few inches up leader from the fly. This is usually fished dead drift; however, it can be deadly when fished with a Leisenring lift or when jigged through deep pockets.




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