Fly Patterns

Emergent Sparkle Caddis


DESIGNED BY: Gary LaFontaine
HOOK: 900 BL
OVER BODY: Green, rust of gray Antron
UNDER BODY: Brown Antron
WING: Deer hair
HEAD: Brown dubbing
TAIL: Green, rust of gray Antron
This is the fly that started the Antron revolution. Antron is a multi lobed fabric with a clover leaf like cross section. The material has a strong affinity for air bubbles and flies tied with it sparkle when submerged. Emerging caddisflies, along with many other insects, use air to help separate the pupal sheath from the adult inside. These twinkling bubbles are strike triggers as users of the emergent sparkle caddis will attest. When you see trout porpoising, exposing their backs and dorsal fins, but not leaving bubbles in the ring of their rises, consider using an emerger pattern fished just underneath the film. The emergent sparkle pupa would be a good choice.




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