Fly Patterns

Pheasant Tail


HOOK: 5262
TAIL: Pheasant tail fibers
RIB: Copper wire
ABDOMEN: Pheasant tail
WINGCASE: Pheasant tail
LEGS: Pheasant tail
THORAX: Peacock
This well known pattern is a version of the original pheasant nymph used in the mid eighteen hundreds on English chalk streams. The first version to hit this country was Frank Sawyers "PT" and Al Troth enhanced that fly to become what it is today. Many people use it in both lakes and streams. I consider it the number one lake nymph when imitating the Callibaetis nymph. In rivers I still feel the Birds Nest is a more successful pattern. Fish this fly under a long light tippet and slowly swim it around or above weedbeds where Callibaetis and Siphlonurus nymphs abound.




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