Fly Patterns

Red Squirrel


DESIGNED BY: Dave Whitlock
HOOK: 5263
TAIL: Hare's mask
RIB: Gold tinsel
BODY: Red fox squirrel mixed with brown and black Antron
LEGS: Mottled brown hen hackle
Dave Whitlock is probably the best known fly tier in the world. He originated this pattern some thirty years ago and despite the hundreds of "miracle" patterns he�s devised since, he still says this is his best nymph. Like most good nymph patterns, this one is versatile. You can tie it long and slender or short and fat, depending on your needs. It will imitate virtually any in the water. I find it most useful during the late fall when October Caddis pupae are active. The Tangerine Dream is a specific October Caddis imitation that outfishes the Red Squirrel, however, in waters with stoneflies and other large nymphs, the "squirrel" will be my first choice.





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