Fly Patterns

Western Rockworm


DESIGNED BY: Anonymous
HOOK: 5262
RIB: Copper wire
ABDOMEN: Rabbit dubbing: Rust, green, tan
THORAX: Black Antron
The rock worm is a generic term for the ubiquitous uncased Rhyacophila and Hydropsyche caddis larvae. These larvae are a frequent and eagerly sought after food item for trout in any of our freestone waters. The natural larvae move from rock to rock by rappelling on a silk thread. The protective coloration of the larvae make them difficult to see; however, the silken thread glistens dangerously. Trout key in on these wafting strands and I've observed both rainbows and browns holding their mouths open and swimming through colonies of caddis drawing in hapless larvae attached to their respective threads. To best fish this pattern whiten about 18" of tippet directly up from the larvae and fasten a fat split shot where the white ends (Use grease pen or typewriter correction ribbon to mark the tippet). Cast quartering upstream and allow the split shot to drag along the river bed. The nymph and white tippet trailing downstream from the shot exactly imitate the natural.




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