Fly Patterns

Clouser Minnow


DESIGNED BY: Bob Clouser
HOOK: 800
THREAD: Monocord, any color
EYE: Lead dumbbells
ABDOMEN: See wing
WING: Bucktail with a bit of flashabou if desired. Any color
THORAX: See Wing

This is a survival fly. If I were shoved out of an airplane anywhere on the planet, this is the fly I'd want. I've taken everything from pike to piranha on it. It is just as effective coaxing big browns from Sierra beaver lodges as it is taking peacock bass from dark Amazon undercuts. The bucktail acts as a weed guard and the fly rides hook up so you're willing to cast it into fishy looking water. The retrieve should be jerky so the lead eyes can cause the fly to jig up and down. Very often the strikes come as the fly drops between strips. Hang on! My favorite colors are black, white, red and white, and chartreuse.

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