Fish Food: A Fly Fisher's guide to Bugs and Bait

Myths, legends and lies about flies, both real and artificial, are exposed from a trout's perspective.


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Fish Food - A fly fishers guide to bugs and bait

A thorough examination of the foods trout eat, by a master of observation and adaptation whose curiosity has led to innovations in fly design and angling techniques. Fish Food covers specific meals ranging from aquatic moths to winter stoneflies and everything in between. Natural histories, identification and imitation (patterns and presentation). Rather than accepting point-blank the traditional views of insect hatches, Cutter donned his diving gear and studied species underwater, adapting his fishing to reflect his findings. Fish Food will change the way you fish, and even more importantly, change the way you view the foods fish eat.

This book will help you catch more fish and achieve the satisfaction of solving the natural puzzle at the heart of catching a trout on a fly. - L.A. Times

Simply put, Fish Food is fun to read. It's education and entertainment in one package - who could ask for more? - American Angler Magazine

(Cutter) challenges a lot of orthodox ideas and puts you in a trouts-eye view that leaves you looking at streams differently. A really enjoyable read. - Amazon book review

224 glossy pages. 53 color photos (many from underwater), 47 illustrations. Published July 2005

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